Idol Lash Serum - Review

eyelash growth serum

Idol Lash is the eyelash serum designed to give women the eyelashes they dream of. The product is easy-to-use: you just need to apply it daily like a liquid eyeliner. You will want to apply it for about two to four weeks before the first results will be obvious.

The major advantage of this serum is its comprehensive action – it lengthens, thickens, adds shine condition, moisturizes and even makes your eyelashes less brittle. say this is a rather trustworthy product, because the manufacturer has been working on the market since 2002 providing healthy end effective solutions for beauty and care purposes.

Idol Lash features a proprietary formula including numerous peptides, vitamins, minerals and botanicals, which, when combined, enhance each other’s positive effect.

Polypeptides are the compounds that help increase volume, length and thickness of your eyelashes. They prevent breakage and make your lashes stronger.

Replenishment and rejuvenation effects are achieved due to other healthy ingredients – proteins, vitamins and a variety of minerals. Thanks to them, your eyelashes will shine and look much bushier.

The product’s moisturizing properties add to flexibility and shining. Idol Lash secures abundant eyelash hydration and longer moisture retention.

In fact, this is a comprehensive and complex formulation. Healthy, natural ingredients are combined with highly effective chemical compounds. Here are just some to mention: honey extract, alfalfa extract, glycerin, propylene glycol, linoleic acid, jojoba seed oil, panthenol and much more.

All those ingredients have been tested and approved to be used for the purposes under discussion. Idol Lash boasts top safety and causes no irritations or allergic reactions, so it can be recommended even for sensitive skin or for use in combination with eyelash extensions.

Numerous reviews and opinions from people who have already tried Idol Lash out evidence that the product is really able to provide excellent results within a short period of time. You can easily achieve significant lengthening and thickening of your precious eyelashes by using Idol Lash according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The results of testing show that over 80% of users have really achieved stronger eyelashes. This is a very high success rate as compared to topical products offered by many other manufacturers.

Additionally, it is very important that Idol Lash not only gives you better look, but also makes your eyelashes healthier, thus boosting their improvement in an absolutely natural way.

Medical tests have proven that the formulation contains no paraben, carcinogens, human growth hormone factors or any prescription ingredients.

To summarize, we can conclude that Idol Lash is an effective eyelash serum really worth considering when you look for a remedy able to provide fast, significant and durable results.