Male Genitals Hygiene

Keeping personal hygiene is important. This refers not only to your hands and face though. Unfortunately, keeping their private parts in the order is what many men overlook. They should take into account, however, that the masculine smell is attractive to women to a certain extent only. So, to look seductive, the intimate hygiene is of a great importance.

male healthAlong with that, the excessive smell in the genitals area can be a sign of certain health problems. So, if you try, but fail to get rid of excessive odor down there, visiting a doctor can be a good idea ( However, for most men, the below considerations will be quite helpful.

Why Your Genitals Are Smelly

How strong the human body smells is determined by certain bacteria abiding on our skin. The bacteria propagate more actively in a warm and humid environment. So the genital area is a perfect place for them. It is almost impossible to avoid it. However, there are several factors affecting the extent of how much you smell.

  • Pubic hair tends to be long and thick in most people. So it provides a welcoming shelter to the bacteria under discussion. Additionally, the hair produces the warming effect thus increasing perspiration, which is beneficial to bacteria propagation too. Shaving or trimming can help to minimize this factor.
  • Improper hygiene. Problems with penis smell are common in people who do not follow adequate hygienic procedures. Uncircumcised men are a group of special risk in this term. To neutralize this factor, it is important to keep your genitals always clean and wash the penis and the surrounding area to get rid of bacteria propagating on the rests of urine and sweat.
  • Urine. Due to the male body’s anatomic features, several drops of urine always remain inside the penis or under the foreskin after the peeing process is ended. Then, they dribble out gradually and stay on the skin and underwear to add to the foul smell.
  • Yeast infection is another serious factor to consider when we discuss causes of the bad smell in the genital area. Cheesy, fishy-smelling, whitish discharge is a sign of the yeast infection. Possible concomitant signs can include burning and itching during the urination process.

How to Treat the Problem

In most cases, getting rid of the problem is not so difficult. The treatment is primarily based on the improvement of hygienic procedures. Just keeping your genitals clean and dry will cardinally reduce the foul smell. So make it a habit to wash the pubic area with a mild soap in the end of each day, then dry thoroughly. Most of the times, this will be enough.

Trimming or shaving off your pubic hair on a regular basis is another helpful measure, which can be easily implemented and requires no much time. Consider doing it at least during the hot season.

To conclude with, it is worth mentioning that the foul smell in the genital area is not to be ignored by men. Firstly, because this can be a sign of certain health problems, Secondly, because this is actually an easy-to-treat issue. Remember that getting rid of the smell will make you more attractive to women.